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Free ipad cam site

True GIS functionality is now available on the i Pad! ESRI Shapefiles (.shp) are supported at the moment. i Learn Geography - free The i Learn app is an amalgamation of our world’s most beautiful and interesting landmarks, brought to life by a wonderfully intuitive and creative user interface.These range from natural rivers, waterfalls and volcanoes, to manmade statues, buildings and cities. Learn World Geography - free Wish you knew your world maps and capitals better?Strata Logica - free Introducing Strata Logica® for the i Pad, where the learning is in the layers.Known to countless , Strata Logica comes to life in an exciting new way in version 2.0 of our app.Make new maps by combining offline map layers in the MBTiles format with online maps from Map Box Hosting, Open Street Map and Map Quest.

Explore and experience the latest economic, environmental and social data and trends using interactive and intuitive graphical representations. Wunder Map - free Wunder Map is the world’s most interactive weather and radar map, providing current conditions and forecasts from Weather Underground’s unique network of 30,000 neighborhood weather stations.After that, it's the best entertainment apps (surely the best reason to own an i Pad...) and a variety of categories on the following pages to tickle your fancy. Its system is based on Pomodoro-style work/break sessions, the idea being that you focus on a single task during the former, and have brief downtime during the latter.At the end of the fourth session, you have a longer break.With Split View and Slide Over support, Focus fits nicely into your i Pad workflow.Its interface is crystal clear, without being a distraction.

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The program allows users to easily access content from the expedition including a live web-cam, a educational site complete with weekly science modules and the science and multimedia content that specifically relates to Antarctica and scientific research in Antarctica. National Geographic Today - free "National Geographic Today takes you on a lovely, enjoyable trip around the world, all from your tablet" - Gizmodo App of the Day.