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At about six she drove to the church and as soon as she left, I saw the keys to the church laying on the counter.

To save her a trip, I grabbed her keys and rode my bike to church.

When I got there I saw the preacher and all the deacons cars parked next to moms by the side door.

I figured they had all gone inside so I tried the door but it was locked.

My mom does extra work around the church, she teaches Sunday school and holds Bible studies on Wednesday nights and cleans the church on Monday evenings and Thursday nights.

Last Sunday after church, mom told me to take the car and go home because she had to stay and talk to Pastor Bob.

I jack off so much that my mom has walked in and caught me at least 10 times.

Mine is 6 inches soft and a fat 9 inches hard with big full low hanging balls that need to be drained at least twice a day.My moms name is Pat and shes still very attractive with shoulder length hair a petite plump body with nice tits and a perfect round buble butt that jiggles when she walks.Mom wears very thick glasses that make her look oh so innocent.We went to church on Wednesday night and Pastor Bob asked all the Deacons to stay after for a meeting to support one of our members who was having a problem.About an hour after we got home, mom got a call from Pastor Bob and I heard her say "ok I'll be there, thank you".

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Thats when I decided to use her key and sneek inside and see what was going on.

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  1. I like to take the subway, and suddenly I couldn’t do those little, simple things, you know? You are supposed to have a dream of walking the red carpet. What was weird for me after Amélie was how people look at you.