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Publish ^ Friday June 12 1981 ^ No 60,952 Q|b Price twenty pence %■■ ■ LIBRARY i What awayfor the "jit:- - Conservatives to retreat the Navy, page 14 POrt Cr S| crd av ca:| : ^ s«». Bat-' I believe it is an accurate picture of a desperate situation ”, he said.' His decision to make the film sprang, not from his own family background, although his sister died young of a brain tumour, but from a day in Central Park, New York, in 1973 while he was on a Churchill Fellowship. - Ga Macher puts the lean times behind him By Mitchell Platts ' Bernard Gallacher gave a posi- tive indication |bat his recent lean times are behind him ' when he compiled a 65, five under par, to lead the field, after the first: round of the £42,000 Greater Man- chester Open, sponsored -by Cold Shield, at Wilms Jow yesterday. 20'7 7.0(535) Plysu (F) 16.3(173) 1.39(2.33)- 10.5(14.5) 1.40.2) 23/7 2.07(1.89) Sidlaw Inds (I) 15.2(17.9) 0.25(0.16 1 — ( — ) 2, 5(1:5) Ur'S —13.0) 600 Group (F) . To establish gross multiply the net dividend by 1.428. Active stocks, accord- ing to the Exchange Telegraph, were Westland Aircraft, GKN, BP, Guardian Royal Exchange, Royal; Polly Peck and Barclays Bank.

“Had I any personal - con- science that l cheated or that Z showed an unfair picture, 1 doubt very much that I could have 0(4.0) BUI Samuel (F) — (— ■11.2(7.69) 17.37(11.94) 4.8(4.02) . Elsewhere in Business News dividends are shown on a- gross basis. Equity turnover for June .394m f bargains, 14,410).

The fundamentalists made it ,f r -„ [pat* tndau thar “You yourselves have wit- nessed that I have - done, "all, that was- in my power . Smoke Creek, is in a remote part of ting, over the nation. cny which could ;be to k&etres north of Penh, to launch the satellites, prob- business use if the Government Jg J ^ S Wffile its existence has been ably - on the European rocket S° w . About But the Home Office has yet 80 per cent of world diamond to- make up its mind about who output is of industrial quality -would be allowed to. the lenown tor some tune, a is now ariana, or on-us apace onutue- ***-■ : W . So it -was all rather easy for the recession than the gem Of its present services. The commission said in a statement yesterday : “ While evidence suggests that tbe use of asbestos for -these purposes has largely ceased, a statutory ban, with limited exceptions, on tbe future.

- ‘ The timing of the proposed new regulations was condemned by Mrs Nancy Tait, the secre- tary of the Society for tbe Pre-' vention . By David ^ Hews cm The prospect of television company a chance to shpwits programmes beamed from worth in a, rapidly expanding! Order and stability in the came several ^steps closer yes- , Its Stevenage factory already ^Jj ^iily joined in the ; world diamond market, so long terday with the announcement has orders for seven satellites- commons vesterdav with Mrs controlled by the South African of a £100m proje« to launch a at the moment and expects to Gw yn Etll jjunwoody launching producer De Beers, is threat- -United Kingdom broadcast announce more m the next savaee attack 3 frnm the ened by the disclosure that a satellite network. month; The United Kingdom Labour front- bench and accus- diam ond field in Australia Bmish Aerospace and N. television models would be j ns r He Government of heine could increase world output by Rothschild is Sons, merchant' L-Sats, a 1 large satellite de- n t r everv that hav half. hankers, have jointly launched veloped by the European- Space Ser 1 befallen w2mankind a since gling to prevent gemstone prices a new company. it could swing to ihj other .• soaring costs and- the extra always looks as though she is Smoke Creek yields atraverage extreme, however, arid offer the burden of financing the new equal 'xo anything, replying ' of five, carats for eadi' tonne two channels to new commercial # Channel - . _ under heavy financial pressure, vision advertising. ; .■Australian joining -companies, - Details of how the -project over whether the public wo'uld be sufficiently interested m ' Satellite channels to buy the extra equipment needed . point of '-view ' there was no great virtue in being a revolu- tionary. Robespierre, Karl 'Marx, Rousseau and Lenin: ,tbe- biggest of- which, Cohzmc J financed are not yet Riojimo Australia (CRA), is 1 clqar. An estimated 500 to 1.000 companies - are thought 'likely to apply for licences, whim will, cost £60. Mental hospital neglect How silent minority found a voice Bv Kenneth Gosling Come inside, and find out about our range of easy .. Further small buying in Vesper, a thin mar- ket, pushed the shares up another -15p -to- 145p.; Laird Group rose 5p to 124p on news of £10m bus order, but Wolse- ley-Hughc& gaveup-6p to 267p. i I hope will he accepted by God and the grateful people Diamond find may be Half jvorld output project for A woman’s By Michael Brest, Commodities Correspondent Order and stability in the . have been hit drastically by Mrs Sally Gppenheim, ‘who : marker, could be undermined. ' of eartth -moved, compared with networks, but- only by ihcurring would oppose any new com- Looking hard at Mr Dennis' ' 0.5 carats m South Africa. merrial service which would Skinner, ' who had the 'temerity.' mercial channels which are now • break their .monopoly on tele- to interrupt her from a seden- . not be involved -in supplying - over whether the public wo'uld vision advertising. -doubt told him that frtfm a woman’s-'' Smoke Creek is part o F a any of the programmes .trans- huge alluvial deposit scattered mitted by the company, but across the remote Kimberley would Jeaie time on the system mountains. expected to be ment by the Ashton Joint Ven- around £14m a year at present lure;, an agreement between costs. important, give the TV’s s Rac*tiice, ; page 19 covered something 'In a govern^ ■ — — , J ^ ment 'document .called - the ‘ ; * ’* . use of asbestos in sprayed coatings and insulation is proposed in order that the health, of workers and the public -will not be pur at risk- wheh tbe material is subse- quently disturbed." . the people receiving compensation for asbestosis, a lung disease associated with contact with asbestos, fro ml973 to 1977 had been enegaged in applying and stripping insulation containing asbestos materials. jrhs Lhas beealcam- paigning against the use of asgestos since her husbahd died from an asbestos-related dis- ease, criticized the commission - for' not Applying the new regula- tions to asbestos fire protection boards, asbestos cement, floor tiles, brake linings and other products.-..If you want to watch the most impressive free nude cams online, we have what you're looking for.High definition visuals and audio make the cam sex shows at Sexchatster the highest quality adult webcam show you'll ever get to watch.

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