Frequently asked questions about dating violence

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When the victim accepts the apology or returns to the relationship the pattern of abuse and violence begins again.If an abuser is serious about stopping his violence he will take full responsibility for his behaviour and will seek help and actively work on changing his behaviour.In fact remorse is part of the pattern of violence.

For a complete list, Community Expectations-House Rules page.

Protecting your child from sexual assault or helping your child if they have been sexually abused can be traumatic and confusing. Here are comments, frequently asked question, and feedback about the topic of child abuse and sexual assault.

Answer: There are many things that we teach our children to be careful about or about how to react to different scary situations.

Q: Am I allowed to go to work and / or appointments? The purpose of the safe house is not only to provide a safe place to stay, but also an opportunity to achieve your goals.

Safe house residents may come and go as they please throughout the day. A: There are no required meal times, and the staff do not prepare meals.

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  1. There's a bit of message going on in there." The game will be as violent or nonviolent as the player wishes to make it, he said, though there was no indication in the demo that the game could be played without killing anyone.