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Gina dating esther queen of persia

These may serve as the basis for individual paper assignments or group projects meant to focus solely on the text of Esther.They may also work in conjunction with other books of the Bible.

In Esther, Jewish identity is fraught with danger and must sometimes even be kept secret.In Esther, such details enhance the story's realism, but wealth as a measure of power also contrasts ironically with the different forms of powerlessness experienced at some point not only by the Jews but by almost every character in the story.The archaeological record provides evidence of Persian architecture, precious vessels, clothing, and jewelry.In preparation for class, the students should do the following background readings: Esther is best understood as historical fiction.Esther's setting, however, is grounded in historical, geographical, and cultural realities.

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The professor or student may wish to focus on one or several of the following dimensions: In Christian Bibles the book of Esther follows Ezra and Nehemiah because all three are set in approximately the same era, the Achaemenid Persian period (550–330 BCE).