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Glimpse online dating

And then companies crept up with business models around the storage of that data.”According to Shevinsky, Glimpse’s fastest adoption rate has come from sororities and fraternities on college campuses.

Raine Dalton, creative strategy director for Glimpse, crafted a targeted outreach program specifically for Greek life organizations.

It’s expensive to store data for a long period of time and it’s mostly unnecessary.

Even though we can’t monetize user data, I just don’t see it as a financial compromise. I believe that we will have more market share and monetize our feature set better by being a company that people can trust for privacy.

At first we were emphasizing privacy–that Glimpse offers users a more secure way to send content because of its encryption and screenshot protection.”It turns out, though, that privacy alone is not what draws this user base to Glimpse.

In their user feedback and testing, it seems users appreciate the subtle consumer-facing feature-set that differentiates Glimpse from Snapchat: the fact that you can upload a photo from your camera roll, a more robust finger-painting tool, and the ability to layer a full screen of text over an image.“We’ve since gotten feedback that people are using the app because of our advanced camera features,” says Dalton.

Shevinsky spoke to me at length about privacy and the importance of usability to mass adoption of privacy-oriented tools.

From behind her black thick-rimmed glasses, she was just as comfortable talking about why privacy is important to democracy as she was explaining why online dating sucks for women.“Glimpse has two missions,” Shevinsky said.

The European Union Court of Justice recently ruled that ordinary Internet users have a “right to be forgotten.” The ruling has the biggest implications for search engines like Google, but Glimpse’s log deletion might become a matter of complying with the law more than any altruistic or business motivations.It is much closer to the ideal of ephemerality than other apps that advertise the same.And despite its privacy chops, Glimpse appears to be taking off so far with millennials much more than crypto-nerds and security wonks.“We want to bring privacy to the mainstream,” Elissa Shevinsky, the cofounder of Glimpse, tells me during our chat in midtown Manhattan.Shevinsky stresses that our contemporary obsession with “big data” was not how the Internet was originally conceived.Due to technical limitations, ephemerality was a given in the Internet’s nascent stages.“In the early days of the Internet persistence was rare.

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“The first is digital rights, which means we’ll stand behind free speech and we believe that people have a right to communicate privately.

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