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If your membership has been expired less than 2 years, or if has been expired more than 2 years but your GHIN number has not been reassigned, your score history will remain intact.If not, you’ll be given a new GHIN number and will need to repost any scores you have saved. When renewing your membership through the SCGA’s join/renew portal, select the “Auto-Renew My Membership” option when checking out.Once you have five scores posted, you’ll receive your Handicap Index by email on the next revision date (the 1st and 15th of every month).Your level of participation with your club is entirely up to you.

This member can immediately begin to post scores after receiving this number.In the confirmation email, the new member will receive a club contact name and email address for any questions.Many clubs are planning on sending a welcome email to the new member; the SCGA will automatically send its welcome to the SCGA email as well.There is both a join and renew capability, accessible through a single button/link.A club does not have to offer both joining and renewing capability.

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Your GHIN number remains tied to your membership for at least 2 years after your membership expires.

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