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Next we had to figure out how Braum moved while using Unbreakable so he could actually defend his allies and block enemy attacks!

Knowing that we didn’t want Braum to roam with the shield one-handed (the shield quickly lost any sense of weight and power this way), we changed the grip as well as posture so Braum used both his hands as he moved.

It’s an intricate ability which Braum can use while he moves and uses his other abilities, which meant we had to merge various animations to create a 360-degree movement and attack system.

Here’s how we went about animating the Heart of the Freljord’s most iconic ability.

During this phase we like to include smear frames, where we stretch out the character and props to absurdly exaggerated proportions within single frames.

This gave some additional secondary animation which complimented the main animation nicely and gave a more overall polished touch.

Finally, one of my personal favorites is Braum’s ultimate, which is a great example of the various elements I’ve talked about above coming together to create an epic in-game moment. Hopefully I’ve given you some insight into how our champion animation process works here at Riot.

Whilst it is common to manually animate these things on a final pass once the animator’s happy with the main body motion, we actually ended up pioneering some great new tech called ‘Jiggle Tech’.

With it, we can set things to animate and react in real time to the motions of Yasuo’s body through simulating physics instantaneously in my animation tool, meaning we can rapidly iterate and make tweaks and changes without going through the tedious task of re-animating the hair and rope each time.

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We ended up having to create a system that required nine separate attack animations, catering for an even quadrant of 360 degrees each with minimum blending into each other.