Ica stones carbon dating

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Cabrera has claimed that andesite is too hard to carve using stone tools (Carroll 2002), so for him it’s a sign that the stones were carved using advanced technology, like so many of the stones depict.

The reality is that the stones are graved, as in a surface layer of oxidation has been scratched away, not carved (Carroll 2002).

For the Ancient Alien folks, there appear to be several stones that depict celestial bodies, things that might be space ships, and of course the Nazca Lines.

He chose his subjects from illustrations in comic books, school books, and magazines (Carroll 2002, Polidoro 2002, Ross 2007, Feder 2010).Again, the reality is that the patina can be faked, as any antiquities expert will tell you.Added to this is the admission of Basilio Uschuya to both the Erik Van Danikin and Peruvian authorities that he forged the stones, going as far to explain how he did it and producing one on the spot to prove his innocence (Ross 2007, Carroll 2002).The difference is in the shallowness of the images on the surface of the stones.Then there is that pesky patina, which many supporters claim is evidence of the carvings great age.

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Various images have been engraved on the surface of these rocks depicting, as I said earlier, all sorts of crazy stuff.

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