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Witnesses claim that this is when things began to unravel.Waitresses at the restaurant saw the trio drink several bottles of champagne and state that the three patrons eventually caused a rude and rowdy ruckus with Natalie openly flirting with Walken.

But Natalie would soon discover that juggling the fame of her movie-star lifestyle with her desire to lead a private life would be too much. After her divorce brought about by the discovery of her husband's sexual indiscretions with another man (Robert would always deny this) and with the aid of therapy, Natalie would get her career back on track.At around am Davern noticed that the dinghy was gone.Davern simply assumed Natalie had taken it, as was her custom, to view the evening stars.They left the restaurant in a drunken mess, boarded a small dinghy and motored to the "Splendour." Exactly what happened from this point forward will probably always be a bit unclear.Walken, Wagner and Wood continued their partying as Captain Davern began his last rounds of shutting down the boat.

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When she didn't return minutes later, Davern notified Wagner of her absence who immediately set out in another dinghy to look for her.

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