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Client-side scripting in Java Script can be used for checks in order to give the user faster feedback when he tries to exceed a limit.This document describes briefly both simple Java Script checking on form submission and more real-time checking based on counting characters as they are typed.The second one, now more common among "ordinary users", was introduced by text processing programs (as opposite to text editors), and it means that the user need not, and normally should not, hit Enter or Return but just watch the program divide the text into lines.- Enter or Return generally means end of in this model.The actual data sent by the browser does not contain line breaks in such positions where the browser has "softly" broken a line; only actual line breaks entered by the user are included into the data.This means tag one can make Internet Explorer behave according to the specifications, without affecting other browsers.Quite some confusion has arisen when the two models, or conventions, have been used in the same environment without any conventions and arrangements for conversions.The confusion is described somewhat more technically at the end of an otherwise all-too-technical Unicode report on newline guidelines.

My tests with Netscape 4.04 on Win NT suggest that the default is (correctly) no wrapping, the value need server-side checking (or other processing of too long lines) if it is essential that lines not exceed a limit you need to set.

It would be nasty if a database crashed or a disk got filled with terabytes of data, sent by some user out of ignorance, mistake, or malevolence.

But in HTML, there is no way limit the number of characters entered by the user in a element.

And users might be accustomed to "soft" wrapping (which is, after all, the default on IE) might easily be lured into thinking that their text just "soft wraps", without realizing that their lines will actually be as broken.

Wrapping implies some potentially very nasty effects.

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Even with "soft" wrapping the user will be confused by the " browser standard? The approach described above has been criticized for not being user-friendly.

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