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Steven Travers places the game within a discussion of American society as a whole, providing a fascinating run-down of the interplay between football, pop culture, and history, thereby bringing an intellectual flavor to a game of brawn.

In short, a must-read for anyone interested in the big picture of the business of college football.

Whether you agree with Mandel's opinions or not, Christopher Walsh breaks down a century of college football by classifying programs as perennial powers, contenders, and former greats, while also delving into such hot-button topics as determining the greatest program in college football history and discussing a number of disputed titles.

Walsh's book, thus, provides readers with a slightly less impartial, and thus slightly more interesting, account of college football history.chronicles the game of college football in a much broader context.

As an All-American football and basketball player, "Moose" was both an incredible athlete as well as a tremendously complex man, making his story one that anybody can appreciate..

Ray Robinson gives a marvelous account of the life and times of Knute Rockne, the great coach who became something of a mythological figure in the world of American sports even before his tragic death in a plane crash in 1931.

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takes readers on a journey through the makings and machinations that led to the state of contemporary college football.

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