Lauren graham and scott patterson dating parenthood stars dating

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Lauren graham and scott patterson dating

Were you happy with the show creatively this season? For the last episode, we tried to match the final shot with the first scene from the pilot, so we went back and watched the pilot - which I haven't seen for so long.And the show now is really different from that pilot, which was more dramatic at the time than your typical WB show.Both Alexis and I felt tired, and also creatively like the show was in a place where we were either at the end or very close to it. I think they were trying to tempt us with 13, which was tempting, but ultimately it just wasn't going to work for them.We needed the situation to be so ideal, and I think it just wasn't meant to be.When we finished [shooting], there was a 50/50 chance we'd be returning. There was a real kind of high - that's the only way I can describe it - when we'd get these big athletic speeches and then nail it after 35 takes. The dinner tables, while a drag to shoot because it takes forever getting all the angles, were really, really fun. Graham: ( Laughs) We're totally doing the Gilmore Girls movie. So when we left the wrap party, we were like, "Bye! " Had we known [this was it], I think she would've given it up and we would've worked it in. ( Laughs) And that is a feeling that I really haven't had with another part. And there was a specific sense of humor and music to the way [Amy] would write these speeches that I'll really miss. Were you surprised at how reluctant fans were to let Luke and Lorelai go when she went off and married Christopher this season? It's like when you go see some romantic comedy movie and you're like, "Well, obviously she shouldn't be with that guy." They make it too easy. You wouldn't believe how many questions I get about this. So I always argued for other [romantic complications] because I thought it made the story better. What I hoped - and this is not to take away from David Rosenthal, who I had a really nice year with - was that she would write the finale. I wish she had been more involved this year, because I was playing a piece of her that is so specifically her. Have you spoken to her since the announcement was made? ( Laughs) But I'm auditioning for things, and I'm going to try and do another movie soon. Graham: I would do another TV series, but not right away. If I had the best thing in front of me right now I don't know that I'd be able to be excited about it, 'cause I think [you have to make room] to let the other thing pass.

The way we'd like to have done it would not have necessarily been good for the show.

Lauren Graham: ( Laughs) Yes, it would seem that way. Graham: I feel that way, which is not without feeling mixed and thankful for the experience. All indications were that the show was coming back for 13 episodes. Graham: Well, you know, there was a lot that went back and forth by the time the [13 episode thing] came out.

I had sort of said to them a couple of months ago that I didn't see it coming back, and they had asked to just give them some time to figure something out that would make it work.

But maybe worst of all, the series' demise probably means I'll be talking to my favorite Girl a lot less frequently.

With that weighing heavily on my mind, as we began what would be our last interview of the golden Girls age, I held nothing back. I hear you're going to have a lot more free time on your hands.

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Do you think Luke and Lorelai fans will be satisfied with how things end? You know, the other thing I felt strongly about is that this is a show that is ultimately about these girls.

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