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Livevideo chat

Video chat is dramatically more memorable, however, since it engages customers on the human level; the Customer Care Institute found that over this same three-day period, those who chatted with a company by video remembered the interaction 95% of the time. As with any new technology, the devil is in the details.

Choose wisely when rolling out video chat functionality, because many unified communications (UC) solutions don’t come with encryption or quality-of-service guarantees.

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to use video chat for each and everything you do.

The value of chat is proven, with roughly 90% of customers saying live chat is helpful, according to an ATG Global Consumer Trends study.

It is an era where the internet, mobility, and social engagements are on top of all.

Such innovations and technological advancement have not only emerged as one of the easiest, most effective, and reliable ways to communicate with each other but have brought several unique and interactive features that are just a great value addition for the end users.

Failed customer service opportunities also cost sales and lose customers, which hit the bottom line of a business.

Video chat increases the chance that a customer will leave an interaction successfully due in part to the visual information and communication from the agents answering their questions.

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According to Tony Zhao, CEO of, “The big problem for easy, hassle-free embedding of real-time communications within Internet-based applications is the lack of quality of experience (Qo E).

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