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Marketing online dating site

Their promise is to match singles that are “spiritually compatible” (, 2016) and it has built its reputation and positioned itself upon this premise.

The creators of Tinder wanted to satisfy the needs of the market.

implies that there is someone out there like your “other half” who will love the things about you, that you hate.

It is interesting to note that the two dating services that are brand oriented, operate under the traditional perspective of online dating, that it is a service in place to work for people that traditional matchmaking failed (Smith, 2005).

serve as examples of sites that have positioned themselves as brand oriented sites.

If the brand is willing to allow the market to dictate its core values and is willing to compromise its core values, based on the market, then this brand is considered to be positioned as market oriented.

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From this, we can see that these two brands are very much based on the traditional perspective of online dating.

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