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As with many parts of the world, Mauritius witnessed much inequality during the period of European expansion.

It has come through this to be a modern day African success story.

In doing this, I hope that we are genuinely contributing something of value to the local, and wider academic, communities.

All of my collaborators – in the sense of people who actually come out to Mauritius with me for fieldwork – are colleagues I know personally. In all cases, I have chosen to collaborate with professionals that I trust personally.

These are topics of global relevance and Mauritius is providing important information about the processes of globalization. A final point, I am a Mauritian national and was born on the island, thus I do not feel as though I am excavating someone else’s land, this is part of a collective and collaborative project in which I have a very real personal investment.The results were particularly relevant as the site we are working on falls within the buffer zone of the UNESCO World Heritage site that commemorates resistance to slavery, termed maroonage.We also have the first C14 dating of human bone from the same cemetery.We are pioneering an ‘archaeology of indenture’ on Mauritius, linking different components of the indentured experience, and knitting this together into an archaeologicalnarrative based on material signatures and historical archives.Archaeology is not against modernization, so no country need fear this.

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We have a great network in Mauritius, and are very well supported by our local colleagues.

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