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In 2003, he released his third album named by Unleashed.He Is Engaged: Shad Moss has been engaged to Erica Mena, they started dating on March 2014 and they got engaged on 22 September 2014.Since ladies chat for free any time, Livelinks is one of the best places for guys to meet local, single women!And don't expect your partner to be your primary source of good self-esteem." —"Jealousy and wanting to control the other person are powerful ways people sabotage their own happiness in a relationship.Now you know that did Bow Wow married to fiance Erica Mena!So, we can say that in 2015 dating now, we will also be catching up with this news that this perfect couple is getting married too.Following his first album’s profitable success, he released his second album titled ‘Doggy Bag’ in 2002 with So So Deff label.The album combined the song that featured in the soundtrack of his film ‘Like Mike’ and hit songs like ‘Thank You’ and ‘Take Ya Home’ including his ‘Basketball’.

Bow next released his fifth album titled ‘The Prince of Fame’ in late 2006 which included songs like ‘Shortie Like Mine’, ‘Outta My System’ and ‘I’m a Flirt’.Bow Wow made his debut in the year 2000, at the age of 13, with his album Beware of Dog released via So So Def, and Columbia Records. Shad Moss, who is more popularly known as Bow Wow, believes in healthy living.Hence, he maintains a regular workout routine that includes going to gym.However, he attributes his slim figure to his good genes.He likes to have burgers and potato chips but does not overeat them.

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But at this point, we hadn’t spoken for a while and I didn’t know his intentions and was not prepared to ‘waste’ time with another guy who was not ready to deal with my views on abstinence, so I ignored his message without blinking an eyelid.