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You’ve met a guy that is supposed to already be there. After spending some time with my wife, I’d have strapped a Sherman tank to that guy for the chance to ravish her. I’m not good with feelings or the mush part, but I know that I felt something deeper than sex. There is a way to get there, and it is the most important lesson a woman can learn: Never, never, never freaking ever have sex with a guy until you are sure he is there for you and not the sum of your parts. Never think that you “owe” him that, or fear that you will lose him if you don’t. I’ve listened to far too many broken hearts not to hammer home that one bit of advice.

If he is not, you are wasting your time…well, unless you have this whole maternal instinct thing going on and want yourself a Baby Huey. If you are not intimate enough to talk about sex, you are not intimate enough to have sex. If he’s going to walk because you have not had sex, not become close enough for YOU to desire sex with him, then he is not a man of worth…and not the man you seek.

Ask yourself if that is the picture you are trying to paint. Again, just the opinion of a random guy, but an opinion formulated by a great many discussions as well as making all the mistakes.

Of all the blathering that I do online, the most fun, the most rewarding for me is in helping women to understand this enigma we call “men”…and seeing that light-bulb go on when they gain greater understanding.

You want to get the customer in the door, and then you make the sale. You have a right to ask about the product, to know what you are buying into. He can do that by sitting across the table from you.

You are not a mannequin in a storefront; you are the prime product in the store. Think of it like a cup of coffee that your long-term boyfriend asks to taste.

I’m not sure why these fools are not prosecuted as much as we would prosecute the raincoat guy on a street in NY, flashing old ladies. I can’t explain this except to empathize and speak for the rest of us guys that would like to hang these fools off a third story balcony until they have a revelation.

Last week, I posted an article about single women’s biggest communication challenges with men. You have no idea what type of man he is or what he’s after.

One reader’s comments was so spectacular, I wanted to share it as an article. Is that not the first hurdle, to learn a bit about him?

How does she treat the wait-staff, especially when something goes wrong? Have you not just realized that you found a winner?

There was a scene in the goofy movie, She’s Out of My League, where the couple is sitting in an outdoor restaurant and the guy interrupts her, gets up, grabs a sweater that another couple left behind, runs over and gives it to them.

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Why do you think we do all that door opening, gentlemanly stuff? I say that because that is how she will treat you once the honeymoon is over.

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