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Illustration by: Cindy Montenegro It started with a simple Facebook status (doesn’t it always? A friend of mine posed the question “Do men like independent women?

While I of course cannot speak for all men, I honestly think this is a big misunderstanding. I think the misunderstanding comes from different interpretations of how an “independent woman” acts and carries herself.

Based on my experiences, women tend to think that men are intimidated by someone who is non-submissive, straightforward and fits various other adjectives that are not compatible with traditional gender roles.

This is important not just because it gives the guy more time to be with his friends (though it helps), but because it allows both parties to focus and give all their attention to each other when they do spend time with one another.Men tend to operate more on this principle than women do, but it does make sense.When you keep your worlds separate, you can give each one the focus and attention it deserves. This may sound similar to the first point, but it functions differently.First, an independent woman has her own life and her own routine.A woman in a relationship should have more priorities than just her boyfriend.

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Such a trait is displayed more when you first meet a person but is applicable in a long-term relationship.

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