Mental health dating

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Mental health dating

Michael claims that he finds it easier to date someone who does not have a mental illness.

Dating is already difficult, he says, and adding another person’s mental illness into the mix complicates it further.

This can cause a ridiculous amount of strain on their mental health … I allowed emotional attachments to happen with guys who were emotionally unavailable, narcissists or even just plain using me. I let being single and dating mess with my mental health …

Don’t give others that much power over your happiness. If you need help with your frustrating dating life, check out my dating support services here (I can create packages and services that meet any budget): help dealing better with the current online dating climate?It is impossible to identify a correct or right set of values when approaching dating.Our friendships are among the most valuable relationships we have.There are so many other factors, and you cannot treat mental illness as one-size-fits-all,” he says.“No one likes dating sites, but we do it because we have to (use the internet) now to meet someone.”The site also offers a platform for people to seek friendship and support.

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But he is able to use “It’s hard to date when someone doesn’t understand it.

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