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Modern dating etiquette

) If you’re anything like me, you feel irrationally guilty ending things with any guy or gal, no matter how long you’ve been dating.Sometimes, it can feel easiest just to try to ghost, but Goldstein says doing so is never the way to go.“This can be physical, but more importantly, you kind of just want to see where your date lives and size him or her up! “If you are dating at the house, have a fun plan in place so it doesn’t simply turn into the infamous Netflix and chill,” Goldstein says.“Cook dinner together, play a game, actually watch a movie, etc.” Lewis agrees, adding that you should not now—or ever—feel as though you’re expected to do anything sexual. (Eye roll.) His restrictions couldn’t matter any less to me, but since he was the one with a long list of no’s, I felt that he should have been proactive about researching a place he could eat—and I likely wouldn’t have been any wiser to the details of his diet.“It’s not a fair representation of who they are as a person,” she says, before offering one final text-related warning.“Steer clear of either providing selfies or asking for selfies before you meet up.” (Maybe send them an artistic shot of the guacamole from your girls’ night out instead?“[Before a first date], texting should just be to say you’re looking forward to meeting, and confirming you’re still on,” Lewis says.

“We encourage honesty and adhere to cutting ties before it gets even harder,” Lewis says.

“Don’t hide who you are for the sake of a good date—if you’re vegan, be vegan.” Although it’s totally common (and fun!

) to banter over text, experts say that over-communicating is not so great early on.

“The important thing is to keep the conversation light and casual.

Don’t make mountains out of molehills, as a simple the first date,” Tufvesson says.

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“We’re all adults here, and when it comes to dating, you need to be sincere but also upfront so you can move forward.” Both The BEVY and Three Day Rule pre-screen for goals like marriage and kids, so that whoever you’re meeting is already on the same page as you.

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