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“But you must tell yourself you have a right to be here.” We are sitting in two comfy chairs in the middle of the room while impossibly cute men swoop past with lattes and iced mochas. But the raven-haired writer at the table by the men’s room is cute, too. “When you try to get him to notice you, use a soft focus with the eyes,” Jim tells me with big-brotherly concern, “not the hard stare you’d use in a bar.” I do as he instructs, and my prey glances back.

“I can’t just go up to him and say hello,” I quack. We have liftoff, I think, so now Jim hands me his list of icebreakers. Why, in this open, accepting society, are we so screwed up about dating that Brad Gooch had to publish a book last year called Finding the Boyfriend Within?

After all, he was a Christian Brother (and also a teacher, guidance counselor, and principal) before he found his true calling ministering to Manhattan’s gay, single, and suffering.

Sanders is masterful at helping others unlock the door to one’s heart and awaken their highest, dormant potential.

Sanders believes that we all have the power within to choose the creations we wish to experience.

Fitness Blueprint is a personal training and life coaching provider in Jersey City.

The company has more than 10 years of industry experience, and it caters to individuals from the city and nearby areas, including Hoboken and New York City.

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