Niagara region child immunization updating

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Niagara region child immunization updating

On April 6, 2016, 570reported, “Over 900 students suspended for not updating immunization records” which did not mention exemptions.The article linked to The Region of Waterloo Public Health PDF titled, “You asked us HOW TO AVOID SCHOOL SUSPENSION”.Their plan, which was announced on the radio, is to suspend all these students if their order for suspensions are not complied with.

But really, the misleading (or flat out lying) commentary attached to this post is partially why people have such a distrust with medical authority and the government.”Actually children who have an exemption are allowed to attend schools and daycares.

Our reason for writing again is that informed consent with regard to vaccination is not improving in Ontario since our initial complaint in 2012.

Instead the legal rights of parents to informed consent are being disrespected and eroded even further.

It is subject to suspension as they know but they have been given every opportunity in most cases and I think in all cases several letters provided to the family members to the parents prior to this decision or the warning that if they don’t immunize their child their child could be subject to suspension.” Ontario’s Minister of Health is Misleading the Public Mr.

Dubé, the above statements by the Minister of Health and reporter Paul Bliss are misleading and incorrect.

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I can only assume this was the case on all the orders of suspensions sent out in our county. ” If you view the Order for Suspension from Attendance at School form letter, you will see that the Medical Officer of Health for the Hastings & Prince Edward Public Health warns that “…this order will be rescinded upon receipt of 1(A) or 1(b) or 1(c) as indicated below.” You will see that option 1(D) “A Statement of conscience or religious belief (comissioned [sic] affidavit required)” is omitted as a choice.