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She greeted us and walked to the front of the podium and stood beside the assistant project coordinator, they both whispered to each other for like 2 minutes and after then, the assistant project coordinator introduced her saying “Hi everybody, this is my boss, she is funmilayo and she is the line manager of this Unit Episode 2. She replied us and said ” thank your stars that you guys are new staffs here, otherwise, I will just deduct 1,000 naira each from your salaries for addressing me as “MA”, we all looked in amazement. In this bank, we call one another by names, we are all colleagues. A team-lead and a sub team-lead was assigned to every team before the commencement of the training. I tried calling and chatting segun to update him about bimpe’s invitation but his number wasn’t reachable and messages weren’t delivering ” Ooooooh, as I couldn’t reach segun now, what should I do ooooo? BIMPE: we used to have one maid before, but she misbehaved and she was relieved of the job, not quite long, betty came to join us and there was no need for another maid again. Someone who would be getting married any moment from now and you are here saying “my wife” ME: ***curious and moved closer*** bimpe!!!! ME: Adebimpe, I didn’t get you BIMPE: ok, let me simplify it. I felt so bad that I hurt her, but I still don’t want her to stay the night in my apartment.

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ME: segun, those options you gave me are all difficult. , this is the third time you have shifted this topic. I located the branch and arrived there at am, I walked inside the building and met similar faces I saw the day I went for my offer letter. I ended the call, walked towards her and opened the side door of the jeep and sat down. ME: **frowned*** fine BIMPE: but why is your mood like this? Bim PE: onihaxy, please understand me, I’m not trying to come between you and betty. BETTY: I’m missing you already, I just have no choice than to honour his call, I will be back soon honey. ME: ***confused*** ok dear, no problem, when am I meeting your dad? I was still in the room and confused and moments later, I got a chat message from bimpe. During break on Wednesday in one of my chat sessions, betty told me she would be travelling on friday morning. BETTY: can’t really say, but at most, I will stay for two weeks. I tried protesting but the four of you chased me out and I sat down outside and began to cry. BETTY: *****silent with no response after reading********* ME: hello!!!!!!! ME: hello betty BETTY: ****faint voice***** hello onihaxy, ME: what happened, you aren’t responding on chats again, what happened? BETTY: onihaxy, there is something I want to tell you, but please, wait till I’m back from Abuja, ME: huuuuh, betty, why not now dear? BETTY: just be patient, when I return, I will tell you everything. It was a message on my microsoft outlook, I opened it and discovered that it was a message from funmilayo which says “onihaxy, see me in my office immediately”. From the history of funmilayo that I was told about, I heard that she is very dangerous and bossy, she is rude, arrogant and deadly, she doesn’t send for staffs anyhow and every of her subordinates feared her as she can fire anybody, I also heard that whenever she sent such mail, its either she wanted to fire someone or she wanted to serve someone a query. ME: **scared*** I’m sorry, good morning funmi FUNMI: better, how are you? I begged betty to tell me about the suspense but she still insisted that I have to wait till she is back from abuja.

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At 10am, the man came back and divided us into 3 groups and he gave us a manual to read. Please bimpe, I’m begging you for heaven’s sake, let’s just kill whatever feelings we have for each other and let’s concentrate on our spouses. BIMPE: alright, so where do you live and how are you coping? BIMPE: hmmmmm, its about your wife betty ME: **scared** betty? BIMPE: I have wanted to tell you before from the start, but I know you won’t listen, that was why I didn’t bother, although the matter was minimised for sometimes now, but I think it had been resurrected again. I picked my phone and called segun to update him about what I heard from bimpe. BETTY: I will be visiting a sister in ikorodu tomorrow for her daughter’s wedding, I won’t return until sunday night. ME: I’m just scared, are you sure you aren’t setting me up or planning anything funny? ME: ****laughed*** BIMPE: ***laughed tooo**** ME: ok, let me tell betty about it BIMPE: haba onihaxy, why will you do that now? ” , I smiled in silence as I don’t know what to say, she looked at me and said ” it good you are now back to your normal self, be a good boy and don’t forget what I told you yesterday”. She then cat-walked into her office and banged the door. She warmed the stew, served the rice inside one plate with two spoons attached to it. BETTY: ***stood up from the bed, picked a comb from my trolley and walked closer to me in her “body revealing night gown” *******. ME: *** stood still with my dick gaining Attention because the body contact***** BETTY: I’m through.

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