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It organizes its interests in nine separate tracks, encompassing achievable goals that range from improving AIDS treatment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.These are often in sync with the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals, benchmarks to improve conditions in eight key areas, including combatting poverty and disease.CGI facilitates the projects, often by tapping its extensive networks.Gates and Clinton have long bonded over their shared mission.It's been exciting that the kind of work I've done at Microsoft—backing scientists and seeing how work can actually get delivered—is pretty similar. How does a famous pair like you escape the celebrity bubble to connect with the people you want to help?Clinton: We go to a lot of places where people have no television, so we're not all that famous.The Clinton Global Initiative encourages its deep-pocketed members to take action, requiring them to make commitments once they figure out what projects to undertake.

At the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he approaches problem-solving—particularly the scientific arcana of health and agriculture—with an appreciation of scale honed by years of living under Moore's law. The Clinton Global Initiative, part of the former president's foundation, claims to have improved the lives of more than 430 million people in 180 countries.After warmly greeting each other, the two Bills jumped into conversation, edited here for space and clarity.Both of you are embarked on your next careers, helping to change the world. Clinton: When I left the White House, I decided to focus on things that I had cared about when I was there, where I could still make a difference.world-class conversation about the future of global health, the vanguard of philanthropy, and the divide between ignorance and data-driven knowledge? In Clinton's case, it turned out that the attributes that make for the ultimate politician work equally well in the service of philanthropy. To do this, they have capitalized on their previous roles, their connections, and their brainpower.

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The Gates Foundation shot to philanthropic heights instantly after its launch in 2000, with the world's richest man pledging the bulk of his fortune—$28.7 billion so far—and, after 2008, the bulk of his attention.

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