On line dating site for police officers

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On line dating site for police officers

I would never date someone who works for ICE; in the fur industry or animal testing; a defense lawyer who took on clients accused of crimes against the children, elderly or other vulnerable populations, salespeople (not to be confused with those who work retail).

Certain jobs require a level of dishonestly, deception and a completely different set of values than mine.

I dated a former police officer (American), a few years after he'd walked away from it.

He was one of the good ones; no desire to be part of the boys club, no hunger for power, none of the negative stereotypes...

They had a little chihuahua and it got into our backyard while our Great Dane mix was out and he attacked it and the chihuahua had to be put down....

He of course denied it but that was enough for her.I’m more interested in the character of the person that the way he pays his bills. I think this would have a more interesting take in this group given the climate right about...Seen on hot topics the question was posed on if you would date a police officer? Last week we had an incident with our neighbor’s dog. But to be fair, she (also an officer) never was either. My best friend is taking the cop tests now bc she says her husband has better hours and makes more than her. I would NEVER date a prostitute though or a stripper or a drug dealer. So many officers suffer from it and I know so many who committed suicide. My dad gets really sad around 9/11 every year but he doesn’t suffer to much year round. They may only be early 40s but they need the break from it allyes it’s definitely a career that takes its toll. Fairly certain my uncle wasn’t loyal to my aunt a day of their marriage. My group of friends only two of us didnt marry cops. I would never not date someone just because of line of work if everything else seemed amazing about them.

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I definitely do not have the same associations you do.