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Outlook rss feeds not updating 2016

Because the server application (Share Point) is trying to open and use a program on my computer (Outlook) a dialog appears as part of the security features of the operating system asking if I really want to allow the website to open that program.

This action is normal and should be allowed as long as I know and trust the URL that is trying to make the connection.

With all that flexibility, what could RSS feeds possibly offer that alerts do not?

One thing that RSS feeds provide is a description of each object in the feed which provides a better idea of its contents than simply receiving an alert containing the title of the object.

If only there were a way to make it as simple with the Outlook Reader! Well, if you’re using Internet Explorer 8 as your web browser – there is a setting within Outlook that easily allows you to exchange Feed subscriptions between the two programs. The Common Feed List (CFL) is in Internet Explorer under the Favorites OK to finish.

Now whenever you Add a new feed to the Common Feed List (aka your Favorites in Internet Explorer), they will also be automatically added to Outlook, and it works the other way around too.

Most RSS readers also let you organize your RSS feeds by their source which may not be easy or even possible with alerts coming into your email’s inbox folder.

You even have options that determine what types of changes you want to be notified about.So the following figure shows the advanced options.The feed name is generally a concatenation of the site name and the library or list name with a colon separating the two. Notice that the location URL contains a GUID to uniquely identify the library or list.Let’s assume for this article that I am creating a RSS feed from a library (the steps are similar to those for a Share Point list).From the Library ribbon as shown in the following figure, find and click the RSS Feed option in the Share & Track group.

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However, rather than go into your traditional email box, Outlook places RSS feeds in a separate folder in the Folders section rather than the Mail section.