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Outsource my dating

All this said we can find MANY variations to the rules! I'm sure a whole book could be written on the topic an who knows, maybe one will be forthcoming one day.

The difficulty is that many written record of methods used just do not exist.

To help us understand this topic, I will try to summarize here, as simply as possible what i have observed on my own reels over 40 years, discussed with knowledgable collectors and read in books produced by the top writers of collecting ABU reels.

I guess the Borgrstom family had no concept at all of how significant ABU would become over the next 5 decades and little thought was given to inventory control, numbering models etc as they concentration was on just making the best!

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Whether you’re a fan of free dating sites or you prefer to use paid ones, whether you want your existing Tinder to step up or you want a new fresh start entirely, we have that covered for you!

So then, both the Record Ambassadeur 50 (wide spool version) released just a year or so later, had numberless smooth reel seats.

When ABU did start numbering, it was a serialized form.

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