Parker posey dating

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Parker posey dating

Subsequently, things went quiet from Posey until the world stumbled upon her Instagram account flooded with scantily-clad photos of her.

Fans quickly took to the comment section to expressed their disbelief at her transformation.

The hate stemmed from suspicions that Posey was the reason their favorite You Tube stars split as Chris Sails was discovered to have cheated on Queen.The negative comments were so much that Posey had to make her account private for some time.Though Posey had denied being romantically involved with Chris, it didn’t just add up for the fans who kept tagging Queen to the photo which they labeled as “disrespectful.”Surprisingly, Queen reacted in a very mild way, arresting the situation for good.Parker Mckenna Posey was born on 18th August 1995 in Los Angeles California to parents; actress Heather Stone, and Polo Posey.She has an older sister named Dilynne, an older brother named Khari, as well as, two younger brothers named Jake and Cal.

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Narrating to VH1 in a 2017 interview how she began dating the rapper, Posey said that he slid into her DM on Instagram.

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  1. Im not sure if he is currently married although i know he is in a relationship with the Rn B singer Ashanti. They were and still are one of the best hip hop couples. they are living together and i believe they met since Ashanti was in murder INC.