Penthouse buys christian dating

Posted by / 24-Aug-2020 00:21

With all this variation, it's possible that Christians benefit more from online dating than even kinky people do, in that they don't waste as much time chatting up people who don't share their particular beliefs.

After all, with an online matchmaker, it's just a matter of checking the right boxes.

Though most web users might not know it, most pornographers love Christians. He’s getting some traffic to his site, but he decides to do something else for God. He lets it expire, of course…he doesn’t need it anymore. He looks for expired domains to buy and redirects that traffic to one of his pay-for-porn websites.

It's just more subtle than a site that's explicitly aimed at swingers.

Big Church's function is to connect people whose concepts of sex are tied so closely to faith and doctrine that it can be difficult to meet potential partners in more traditional settings.

Not because we don't like to look at it, but because we don't like to pay for it – especially when we can see the same thing on the social networking sites while chatting with the women in the pictures.

It's not like Big Church isn't about sex.

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sparked a conflagration among conservative Christians last week by pointing out that Christian dating site Big is owned by Penthouse Media Group.