Phpfox dating

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Phpfox dating

For instance, users in User group A can only send and receive friend requests from users in user Group B but not others who are also in user group A. Is it possible to have the "saved items collections" appear public and private like all the other core apps, where the user can have the option to show their saved items on their profile and have the option to make it private?For a long time people have been reporting to me through Facebook, who are unable to register on my site https://by fully integrating with several Core modules and You Net Co apps.The template truly pleases the eyes with dedicated colors, well-designed icons, and neat, flexible, responsive page components.The app features great responsive design and many custom features like (Like/Skip, Dating fields, Dating photos and videos) all of which will help you get success from your dating niche.Hello everyone, I've created two user groups and want friend requests to be sent only across user groups but not within a user group.For example, if a business company wants to donate money to a campaign, it is not able to do so because it is not even able to access campaigns or anything else (not to mention that most donated money is goven by companies and not individuals).Third party apps, such as Business Directory or Advanced Pages also cannot be impersonated within the system without losing all access to the site content (and consequentely the ability to interact in that capacity).

Other than that, the template has all the features and the options you might expect in a dating template: Introduction, list of suggested members, featured photos/videos/stories…All in all, it is simply amazing that this is not possible, considering the fact that our social world is so heavily populated with legal collective entities.Phpfox is a company and a legal person, not a physical person.This is absurd because you're then not able to use a variety of apps, either the core ones or the third-party apps.Besides other things, Pages are normally used for any kind of collective entities with legal personalities (companies, organisations, political parties, etc.).

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Please let me know if any of you devs can make this app. The following setting was removed from Admin Cp "Get activity points when invitee received upon a successful request" Now you kept "How many points the invitee and the inviter will receive upon a succesfully request." Now the one you kept gives you the ability to give 1 point to each the invitee and the inviter which is great.