Plsql procedure for updating salary which is greater than 10000

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To verify X Server configuration you can use xclock command [email protected]$ xclock If a clock pop ups server configuration is fine.4) Updating packages If you ave the fresh install of Ubuntu you can skip this step.Operating system – Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit operating system (Maverick Meerkat) 2. System RAM – At least 512 MB 1) How to install Ubuntu 10.10 Go to Ubuntu Home page Ubuntu and download Ubuntu 10.10 desktop and install. Now we have Ubuntu operating system and Oracle installations files ready. Connect as root ( You need to have root account ) [email protected]$ su – root 3. (Direct link – Oracle 11g R2 linux 32 bit opertaing system ) 4.Let's look at some Oracle AVG function examples and explore how to use the AVG function in Oracle/PLSQL.For example, you might wish to know how the average salary of all employees whose salary is above ,000 / year.You must create the patient_id_seq sequence to be used with the patient table's primary key column.The sequence will begin with 1000, have a maximum value of 9999999, not reuse numbers, and increment in quantities of 1.

3) X Server configuration For Oracle installation in Linux machines need X server configuration. run ifconfig [email protected]$ ifconfig Find the ip address.

If an order has not been shipped, the report must indicate "not shipped." If a total is not available, the report must indicate "not available." In the inventory table, the ship date column has a data type of date and the total column has a data type of number.

Which of the following statements should be used to create the report? Your manager requests that you analyze the time taken between when orders are taken and when they are shipped. You must retrieve worker names and salaries from the work table. If two names match for a salary, then the two names will be displayed in alphabetical order.

Which data dictionary view would you query to display the column?

The privileges were granted on the schema that owns the worker table.114.

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