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Quicken 2016 updating financial institution information

He has spent part of that time as a Quicken beta tester, helping identify bugs and annoyances with Quicken updates before they are released.Nate holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and has numerous technology certifications.Unfortunately it is the only product out there that does what it does.I've never understood why there isn't an open source program that would blow it out of the water.

I’m not sure what to make of this news or what it means for the future of Quicken.I long ago gave up on Intuit Canada providing any useful new features in new releases of Quicken and that an upgrade every three years to maintain the ability to download financial transactions is essentially a service charge.Sadly for long-time Quicken users with extensive data, there really isn't any viable alternative solution.Has anyone upgraded to Quicken 2016 Home and Business?Any gotchas or significant changes that caused grief for long-time users?

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When I answered that those were in fact not my transactions, they immediately deactivated that credit card and sent me a new one by Fed Ex overnight express. Well, after I updated all my online bills with the new credit card number I thought everything was taken care of.