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(This article originally appeared in the Jewish Press on June 3rd 2009) About 10 years ago, I went to Israel for a brief visit and met up with the Kuper family, old friends I hadn't seen for many years. The grandmother was a jolly, but forceful sort of woman, she turned to me with a serious look on her face and gravely said, "You better find Rebecca a husband." She grabbed my arm with her long, thin fingers - her grip was strong," You're going to find her a man, right? Two days to get the job done, or I would lose the respect of close friends. I had a 30-year-old second cousin, Daniel, who was still single. He won't agree." (Almost all Israeli citizens are drafted into the military - men join for three years, women for two - but many Orthodox Jews are not required to serve, and it's especially rare for Orthodox women to join.) But what did Josh know? Not long after, I picked up the phone and placed a very important call "Hey Daniel, it's Ziva Kramer. " There was a long silence before he finally responded. I took a deep breath and got down to business, "The truth is that I'm calling to ask you if you're available for a date with a girl." For several long seconds, he didn't say a word. " I said interrupting his laughter, "What do you say? With her sensitive and unique approach she devoted her life to help as many people as she can, becoming one of the most popular leaders on the New York City singles circuit.As soon as they saw me, they pounced, as if I was an angel who had come to redeem them. I was confident that Rebecca would be interested in him because he was a kind, smart, tall, Orthodox and handsome guy. The silence was finally broken by the sound of Daniel laughing uncontrollably. The grandparents charged into the living room while we were chatting. She had patted me on my back and told me to enjoy myself; but I didn't have time to enjoy myself. He's too conservative to go out with a woman who went to the army. " But now he was teasing me, saying, "So you know everything?! I remembered what it felt like when Rebecca's grandmother seized my arm, and I decided that I was going to show them all how it's done. " "Two days." "You call me two days before you're flying out?! I didn't have any more patience for polite chitchat. " But I didn't have time to play - I was on a mission, and I was going to accomplish it. She makes her audience laugh and cry, leaving them with a newfound clarity. There was only one problem: I didn't know any eligible bachelors in Israel and I had only two days before my return flight to New York. She left with a look of relief, believing that she'd just shed a huge burden by passing it to me. " I told him, "Have you ever seen a successful male matchmaker?! " "I'm here in Israel for a short visit." "How long are you staying? Her witty, enthusiastic, dynamic, funny, controversial and extremely entertaining delivery tells it like it really is.“Rabbi Hajioff is a master communicator with a long history of guiding singles in their quest for love and happiness. A wonderful book full of great advice on navigating today’s dating scene, getting married, and understanding the beautiful customs to make a traditional Jewish wedding.This book addresses practical, real-life scenarios, questioning the wisdom of contemporary trends in dating while shining a light on the Torah’s values and its role in producing lasting and healthy relationships. If you’re dating, engaged, or just married, this book is for you.”“Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff surveys and advises on today’s singles scene with knowledge, wisdom, and humor. She goes out on dates, but hasn't found the right one yet! " I had no choice - I had to help them; they were depending on me. I prayed to G-d, "I've done my part; now please do Yours." Four months later they got engaged, and three months after that, they got married. People always come to me and ask me, "How do you make all these matches? She gives seminars all over the country and she is well known for her inspiring, standing-room-only seminars and her “no-nonsense” approach to the art of romantic fulfillment.

Even before dating begins, your mentor will be there to give over the expectations of traditional frum dating and Jewish dating customs.

In 2016, Rabbi Bernath starred in Viceland's popular show Dead Set on Life.

He showed Chef Matty Matheson around Kosher Montreal.

This is essential reading for Jewish singles trying to navigate the dating world, and it’s helpful as well for those who’ve already managed to find their basherts.”“The journey from relationship to marriage sometimes needs a little direction along the way.

Rabbi Lawrence has the benefit of guiding hundreds of relationships forward over many years.

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