Real dating and sex stories

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Realizing they have the perfect vantage point I reach down under the table and pull my skirt up high enough for them to see my g-string cover pussy. My hubby comes back with our drinks and he sits down next to me and asks me if I am having fun.I smile, kiss him, and tell him that I am having a great time.Then my husband gets up and moves the bar stool for me to his side of the table having me take a seat there.While we are talking about seeing if we can get one or two of these men to fuck me back in the room, he notices that two of them have moved closer to our table to afford themselves a better view.

Thank god for loud music or we’d surely have been arrested!The bar is set up so that some tables are taller than others.The two men are sitting at a lower table and we are at a higher one giving them a great view of every thing above and below the table.He starts rubbing my pussy with his fingers through my panties.Once again I take a piece of ice and rub it on my chest letting it melt and run down my chest.

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My hubby then tells me in my ear that he is going to go to the bar and for me to sit there with my legs apart and make sure they get a good view while he is gone. Taking a piece of ice from my glass into my mouth and then to my fingers and I rub it all across my chest then letting the small piece fall down my cleavage then reaching down with my fingers to get it back pulling the top off my dress enough to show a quick peep of my nipples.

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