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Cool collection of vintage Replogle globes in their original box, this retro globe set includes three 6-inch metal orbs representing the earth, moon, and the heavens. They are clean with little evidence of wear with the exception of a the earth globe which has two dents, one in the South Pacific Ocean just below the Tropic of Cancer and a one near New Zealand. The set includes: One Simplified 6-Inch Replogle Earth Globe, Le Roy M.

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Order today to save big on this popular brand - and then save even more with free shipping and a hassle-free return process!

Replogle is the oldest active manufacture of globes in the United States, producing globes since 1930.

Do you have an old globe that has been around in the family for decades, or found an antique-looking orb in a flea market and want to assess its age and authenticity?

If you are lucky, you just may be looking at a centuries-old globe.

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