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A rainstorm in Los Angeles contaminated the ocean and made it unfit to swim in. See Also – Billy Miller, Relationship With Kelly Monaco, Married, Dating, Bio Much isn’t known about Will Estes’ personal life.

He’s been living a private life and only joined social media platforms about 3 years ago. Although bloggers wouldn’t stop saying Estes isn’t straight, it’s safe to assume he’s not gay.

Will is also admired for portraying Officer Simon Jansen in the 2012 superhero film of the Nolan brothers -“The Dark Knight Rises”.

Apart from those, Will Estes has been praised for his independent works.

This is why Blue Bloods is widely regarded as Estes’ greatest-profile role.

He was the Officer Jamie Reagan character in the CBS police crime drama series.

I also like the way they shot some of the movie in southern California to make it seem like they're in New York, but last time I checked, there weren't many palm trees in Queens.

In 2014, Estes won the Performance in a Drama Series Episode’s Prism Award for his role in “Blue Bloods”.

The next year, (2015) Blue Bloods got him the Actor of the Year Golden Honu Award.

He’s been severally credited for his contributions to motion picture which was made manifest in his role in the two-time Academy Award-winning World War II film “U-571”.

As a cast in the 2000 French-American war film, Will appeared as Torpedoman Ronald – Rabbit – Parker.

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Get a glimpse into the personal life of Will Estes, as he sat down for a live video chat, answering a plethora of Blue Bloods fan questions.