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As the title suggests, the A&E show followed the adventures of KISS bassist Gene Simmons, his partner Shannon Tweed and their kids Nick and Sophie.

While it always seemed a bit more "staged" than a lot of the other rockstar reality shows, fans were able to see Simmons deal with being a businessman/rockstar/dad and face the always daunting possibility of marrying his longtime partner.

Australian rockers INXS went to Mark Burnett with the idea of searching for a new lead singer through a reality TV show.

My romantic, rock-star ideals were zip codes away from folding laundry during reruns, zapping leftovers, and all the post-collegiate humdrum stamping a big “NORMAL” on my life. What was I doing smack in the middle of an apartment in Normalville, USA, where nobody knew my name?

Even martyr and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer found discrepancies between his perceptions as a student and actual ministry: “It is quite a remarkable experience for one to see work and life really coming together — a synthesis which we all looked for in our student days, but hardly managed to find…. When I’m bound by I was making a difference, God seems to be longing for one of two conversations.

Reality TV and rock music are not the most likely pairing, but they have collided numerous times over the years.

Rockstars of all eras have popped up everywhere on reality TV, from showing off their pads on However, some rock legends took the plunge full-on and got their own reality shows that solely focus on their everyday lives.

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No matter how unlikely the pairings seemed, they (mostly) worked and gave us some revealing looks at the lives of some of rock music's most prominent figures.

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