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The two "modes" are boss battle and full motion video.The boss battles are in first-person and generally have old Robot Masters or enemies, although there are a few exceptions in which the player needs to fight new bosses exclusive to this game.When Wily discovered it, the field gets so strong that it got to the Light Laboratory and made Roll pass out during that time.The reason only Roll passed out is because she was a female robot. Light then finds that the field was getting to be strong to the point that all things electronic would die.Despite only appearing in boss form in Battle Network 4, Roll is one of only two Navis (three, if you count Bass's promotional chip in the first Battle Network) to feature a Navi Chip in every game of the franchise.She is also one of only three female Net Navis to be featured.

Before becoming a full-time VJ for Headbangers Ball, Rachtman made guest appearances as a fill-in and guest VJ for the show in 1989 while Adam Curry was still the main host for the program at that time.

Despite having no TV experience during that time, he eventually got a job as a VJ on MTV after his successful performance during his audition at MTV studios in New York.

Rachtman had a brief appearance as a wedding guest in Guns N' Roses' music video "November Rain".

From 1990-1995, Rachtman hosted MTV's heavy metal show Headbangers Ball (replacing Adam Curry) as a full-time VJ.

His friend at the time, Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses, reportedly was instrumental in him getting the job at MTV.

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After that is gone, to destroy Ra Moon at last, Mega Man risks his own life by using the Double Mega Buster which could cause him to overheat and die.

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