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I am grateful to our foremothers and to the brilliant activists and authors who made this possible in my lifetime.

Crucial to this ongoing 'liberation' from a patriarchal system is control over one's reproductive decisions and increased opportunities to earn one's own living.

I honored that decision, as we both agreed that the world did not need another mouth to feed.

That marriage lasted only three years, which only confirmed the wisdom of my decision. My career as a public school teacher and university administrator kept me in touch with the vitality of young people.

Whatever their reasons—whether they be financial, related to health and lifestyle considerations, or quite simply never feeling the maternal instinct—it is clear that many are still questioned about their decision and are often told that they will change their minds or regret it when they are older.

are making the choice to remain childfree—or not making the choice to have children, depending on how you want to look at it.

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1) Age: There's all the medical literature showing older parents, particularly fathers, raise the risks of having a child with special needs.