Sarah mclachlan dating geoff courtnall how dating used to be

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Sarah mclachlan dating geoff courtnall

(As we speak she’s also auditioning drummers for the tour ahead, via stream in the tipi office.) But she still sounds a lot like the woman who started Lilith Fair.Having daughters has only made her more attuned to female role models—teen education activist Malala Yousafzai inspired the song , is mentioned in conversation, Mc Lachlan praises the New Zealander for tweeting unretouched photos of herself as a way of telling her fans that “flaws are OK.” “I love her. “Kate Winslet did the same thing [Winslet blasted cover growing up. Beyond that, I’m not scandalous enough.” Of risqué female singers of the Miley Cyrus variety, Mc Lachlan thinks we should suspend judgment. “I did all sorts of really stupid things but I did not have following me around.” The same goes for the preconceptions she feels people have about her. “I know I’ve disappointed people when I’ve met them. I’ve probably shocked some people and made them go, ‘Oh, she’s not quite the person that I thought she was.’ But I’m human,” she says.

I’m not Miley Cyrus and I’m not Katy Perry and I haven’t fit myself into that category; it’s pretty narrow.

Her mother’s disapproval fuelled her to sign a solo contract in 1988—the deal with Nettwerk Records that bound her to the Vancouver-based label for 23 years.

“I had an awful relationship with her then,” she says of her mother, whom she lost to cancer in 2001.

“People collect ideas about you and fabricate this persona, and then that’s all they ever have of you,” she adds.

Sarah Mc Lachlan, the Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter whose ballads helped so many of us through heartache, breakups and loss, was barely out of her teenage years when her first album was released back in 1988.

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Her previous disc, released in 2010, zoned in on the disastrous end of her 11-year marriage with former drummer Ashwin Sood, the father of Mc Lachlan’s two daughters. “It feels disingenuous to talk about now.” Midlife crises brought about an artistic turning point.