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Scott caan dating lauren german

Now consumed by revenge, Peterson has come to Hawaii to get back at Danny. When Grace is kidnapped by Peterson posing as an officer of the Honolulu Police Department, Danny goes off the grid to comply with Peterson's demands. You act like a smart guy, you don't do what I tell you to do and then sweet, beautiful little Gracie dies. The 34-year-old actor enjoyed some downtime with Saxon, who lives with his mom in Australia, and co-star Scott Caan.Alex‘s character on the hit CBS show may be getting a new love interest for the upcoming season.A reporter is murdered, prompting the team to investigate.As this happens, Steve and Jenna travel to North Korea to find Jenna's fiance, only for Steve to discover too late that the whole is a trap and that an old enemy is involved...

After being found guilty of corruption, during a trial that Danny also testified in, Peterson was jailed for ten years and ended up losing everything, including his wife and family. After kidnapping Grace, Danny's daughter, he attempts to get Danny to kill Stan Edwards so that Danny would go to prison, but Danny fakes it by shooting Stan in the shoulder before shooting Peterson in the right kneecap and then threatening to shoot him in the head if Peterson doesn't tell him where Grace is.

As this happens, Steve is left reeling when he finally discovers the true identity of the mysterious Shelburne: his mother who apparently died some twenty years ago..

New crimes, new criminals and new corruption confront the elite federalised task force known as Hawaii Five-0 in the action-packed series featuring the rugged enforcement team whose mission is to wipe out the crime that washes up on the islands's sun-drenched beaches.

As the H50 team investigate the death of a well-known businessman, Steve continues investigating his father's death and meets NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye who gives him an insight into the video containing footage of Steve's father talking with Wo Fat and Governor Jameson.

This episode is a crossover with NCIS: Los Angeles.

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With Kono and Chin, Danny confronts Peterson, demanding that Peterson reveal where Grace is, but when Peterson refuses, Danny responds by shooting Peterson in the right kneecap which leaves Kono horrified and stunned. Steve Mc Garrett: One thousand and forty eight steps. 'Cause I don't want to get halfway up and have to carry you back down. I was shot-put champion three years in a row in high school. You know how to throw little balls around; that's great. I thought Manhattan was the only island you'd ever set foot on. So any calls you make or any calls you receive, I'm gonna know about. Danny's cellphone rings with a call from Mc Garrett) Rick Peterson: Don't answer that.