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Exclusion criteria were presence of a tracheostomy (rather than endotracheal intubation), because the discomfort associated with a tracheostomy tube may be different than that associated with an endotracheal tube; administration of paralytic agents; chronic, persistent neuromuscular disorders (eg, cerebral palsy, Parkinson disease), because the disorders would affect patients’ movements and study measurements; and head trauma or stroke, which might also affect patients’ movements.

Some procedures, such as colonoscopies, may include conscious sedation without a request, but you can ask for different levels of sedation.

Results Patients were from various intensive care units: medical respiratory (52%), surgical trauma (35%), and cardiac surgery (13%).

They spent 42% of the time in deep sedation, 38% in mild/moderate sedation, and 20% awake/alert.

You may even start smiling or laughing without an obvious cause. Conscious sedation may be covered by your health insurance if it’s considered part of the typical procedure.

Endoscopies and colonoscopies often include sedation in their costs.

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