Shroud of turin carbon dating false

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A statistical analysis of the Nature article and the raw data strongly suggests that homogeneity is lacking in the data and that the procedure should be reconsidered. We also computed the Ward and Wilson test for the raw radiocarbon dates of Arizona, and in both cases (raw 1 and raw 2), the null hypothesis was rejected.

There is no record of where the shroud came from before the 13th century, and indeed scientific dating tests have shown it to be from around that time.Even if the shroud was authentically proven to come from 1st century Judea, this would only show that someone was crucified, and crucifixion as a common punishment at the time has never been disputed (at least by sane people who know what they're talking about).There would be no reason to presume it was Jesus in particular.READ MORE: Shroud of Turin SHOCKING revelation DISMISSES link to Jesus Christ According to Turin Cathedral, the cloth was made in a pattern dating it to Egyptian times and features the image of “a man who suffered the death of crucifixion”.In 2015, Pope Francis praised the Shroud of Turin as a Christian “icon of love”.

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Now, 30 years later, a team of Oxford University-based researchers have ruled out the 1988 finds, citing flaws in the stud The Shroud of Turin is widely believed to have been a piece of cloth used to cover the body of Christ after his crucifixion.