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Smart woman dating

How did things change for you in your personal life as you were uncovering that system?What I realized is when I started doing things in a completely different manner and I started to put the attention on myself instead of men, that men started crawling out of the woodwork to treat me well, to be with me.

That night, very distraught and heartbroken, I fell on my knees and prayed to God, "Please tell me what I need to do." Three days later, I met a man who looked at me and said after a great conversation, "May I take you out on a real date? You asked your husband for a divorce and then this man disappeared. I signed up with a group of women in New York who was studying women's sensuality and started doing things in a completely different fashion. My intent when I started all this was to get his attention again.I always serve single women specifically and these women tend to be high achieving professionals.I also serve high achieving entrepreneurs, but I tend to see more of professionals in their career world.If you are a business owner and you have a service or a product that is specifically targeted to a clear and niche audience, then I might be able to help you get more visibility, more leads and more sales through podcast guesting.Since I was first introduced to podcasting, I have fallen in love with the medium.

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It started off by being the woman who always got it wrong in dating and love.