Soa updating zone files

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Soa updating zone files

This article walks you through how to import and export DNS zone files for Azure DNS using the Azure CLI.A DNS zone file is a text file that contains details of every Domain Name System (DNS) record in the zone.Azure DNS supports importing and exporting zone files by using the Azure command-line interface (CLI).Zone file import is not currently supported via Azure Power Shell or the Azure portal.

Each line is a text description that defines a single resource record (RR).It follows a standard format, making it suitable for transferring DNS records between DNS systems.Using a zone file is a quick, reliable, and convenient way to transfer a DNS zone into or out of Azure DNS.Cross-platform support is important for importing and exporting zone files, because the most common name server software, BIND, typically runs on Linux.Before you import a DNS zone file into Azure DNS, you need to obtain a copy of the zone file.

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A zone file may be either a DNS master file, authoritatively describing a zone, or it may be used to list the contents of a DNS cache.

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