Southern dating etiquette

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Southern dating etiquette

I remember the first semester I was away from home. I stayed up late with my dorm neighbors playing video games, eating pizza, and watching movies until the wee hours of the morning. I ate Burger King frequently and got little exercise. So, to help prevent some hapless young man from making the same mistakes I did, I present a list of tips to help you succeed when living out on your own.

Make an effort to meet new people, attend activities, and get out of your comfort zone.

You have to make an effort to see what’s out there.

Most schools have a Student Club Day where you can go around and find out info about different organizations.

It’s not free-for-all money; the more the loans you accept, and the more of it you spend, the bigger the pit of debt you will dig for yourself.

The day of reckoning when you will have to pay it back may seem tremendously far off, but it’s not. One of the regrets I had my first semester of college was I didn’t get involved in student organizations.

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But when you’re out on your own, you don’t have the pressure from your coach to push yourself physically. You really don’t have any excuse; almost every college has a gym that’s close, free, and well-appointed.

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