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Statistic reasearch of online dating

Most interesting finding for me was directly related to the strategies of users and my own previous research: In a sense that instead of measuring attractiveness of the certain user it actually shows the blend of strategies by male users in certain context — if all male users swipe all females they see, there is no way to understand certain female performance.

Males try to get more matches by liking everyone and make “post-filtering” — deciding whether to write to female or not after they already got a match (and apparently often they decide not to).As much as the paper brings interesting points on user behaviour in the on-screen interaction, we cannot forget that final goal of all dating services and related activities is getting some encounters or relationships, and so far researchers tackle only minor aspect of it — how many matches have finished in “real-world meet up” (note the use or the word “real” here while actually referring to “physical”;)).But there is no data on how many matches finished in which kind of further relationships.I perfectly remember how the first assumption of this difference in strategy was made by male designer at the very beginning of Tinder popularity almost 2,5 years ago, now it’s finally proven with data.“ Overall, we find that 21% of female matches send a message, whereas only 7% of male matches send a message.Thus, women who match with us are 3 times more engaged than men.

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This could be driven by several factors, but it is well known that men often have to compete and differentiate themselves more as part of the mating ritual [25].

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