Submit your ads for friendship dating marriage etc

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Submit your  ads for friendship dating marriage etc

I’ve been there, and in my experience it only continues if there is a sufficient degree of co-dependency, but at the expense of any authentic growth for either, and lacking the kind of personal responsibility which is needed for there to be any real learning.

Which to me now, seems to be rather missing the whole point of being in a relationship!

If it’s a friendship you want, or is all that she’s offering, reassure her that you’re happy to stay at that level, because she may well have had past experience with men who were unable to let go of a compulsion to try and seduce her, even after she’d tried to make it clear to them that wasn’t what she wanted.

I’m sure t is possible for an entanglement to develop into a closer and more genuine relationship, but only if both partners are ready, willing and able to make the personal changes needed for that to happen. What I’ve learned is that it’s important to be clear what kind of relationship you ideally want with a particular woman, and to behave towards her in a way that is most likely to lead to that, in the hope that she feels the same way.

For me, a ‘successful’ relationship has to have a balance between the mutual appreciation, acceptance, support and trust that characterises a friendship, alongside the vulnerability, trust, emotional intimacy, and sexual attraction which are a part of any committed love affair.

All the kinds of feelings that we first experienced when we were first getting to know this world, and they can now be recreated in this wonderful experience of bodily and emotional contact with another human being.

However, if the friendship element is missing from a relationship; that is, if partners don’t instinctively trust and like, as well as ‘love’ each other, it may subside into an ‘entanglement’, with all the associated mutual recrimination, blaming, and disappointment.A friendship can, and should, also involve a generous amount of openness and sharing, but it needn’t stray into that more tender emotional territory that is exposed between lovers.Expectations are less, and so as long as basic ground rules of honesty and good will and agreed and followed, we can enjoy the company even of people with whom we have some quite profound differences of values and preferences.It seems that whether our very early experiences were of comfort and confidence, or fear and anxiety, shapes our ‘attachment’ style in relationships in later life.If things didn’t get off to a good start for us, it can make us socially and emotionally insecure as adults.

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They want a woman who can see the truth and tell it like it is while communicating with kindness.

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