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To regain his footing, too, if not quite his momentum.

He's down a stable male influence, his dad, like Kitsch's, having more or less blown the scene, and he wants, above all else, to do good—to be good—but doesn't always know how and has no one to show him.Now, I'm not going to go on any more about his looks except to say that he appears in the flesh just as he does on the screen. Soon after, he was approached by a modeling scout on the streets of Vancouver.Okay, I'll go on a little more: He has a physical grace to him, moves with athletic authority, has a smile that's closer to a grin, and is wearing the clothes of someone who doesn't think about them much—jeans, T-shirt, scuffed leather jacket. " The waiter attests to the roll's deliciousness, but reveals that it's sizable. "No bueno." (It's three o'clock, snack time, not lunch.) He asks what I'm ordering. And by 2002, he was signed with the modeling agency IMG and living in New York.And you just know he'll wind up one of those guys who kill their days on barstools, lost in memories and the past. It's like he's looked into the future and has seen that he's doomed, this special intuition making him a tragic figure.Not that Riggins's presence is heavy or maudlin—he wears his saintly grace lightly, and with a grin—but he's a tragic figure nonetheless.

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